Current affairs related to India and grand prix

Who is the winner of Singapore Grand Prix 2012 ?

Answer: Sebastian vettel

What is the full form for "WGEEP"

Answer: Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel

Who is the head of  WGEEP (Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel) ?

Answer : K Kasthurirangan

Who is the current Ecudor President ?

Answer : Rafael Correa

Chemistry Questions for competitive exams: chemical names

What is the chemical name of  Aspirin?

Answer :acetylsalicylic acid  
 gypsum is chemicaly ?

 Answer : calcium sulfate dihydrate

What is the Chemical name for ajinomoto ?

Answer:  monosodium glutamate

What is chemical name for tear gas ?

Answer: chlorobenzylidene malononitrile

What is known as fools gold  ?

Answer:  iron pyrites

What is chemical name for paracetamol

Answer: acetaminophen

Grand Slam 2012 - us open winners

US Open Women's title winner ?

Answer : Serena Williams

US Open Men's title winner ?

Answer: A. Murray

Where is Indira sagar Dam is located?

Answer: Madya predesh (Narmada)

Current affairs and Gk Questions for bank exams

Where is Mawphu Hydro Electric power project ?

Answer: Umiew river ( Shillong )

First Privately financed Hydro electric Power project ?

Ans:- Maheshwara dam

Where is Maheshwar Dam is situated ?

Ans: Bhopal (madhya pradesh)

Maheshwar Dam is the first privatised hydroelectric power project in India

general awareness Questions and answers

Who is India's permanent representative in UN?

Answer : Hardeep singh puri

Which Indian State Won Buchi Babu trophy 2012 ?

Answer: Karnataka

Buchi babu trophy is related to ?

Answer: Cricket

Irani cup is related to ?

Answer: Cricket

Important Current Affairs Questions with answers

Newly elected Navy chief ?

Answer : Admiral D K joshi

Present IAEA (International Atomic Energy agency ) Chairman ?

Answer : Yukia Amano

Ethiopian Prime minister who was recently died ?

Answer: Meles Zenawi