Interesting Questions Related to gk for all Compitative exams in 2012 : Horse

What is the name of Alexander the Great's horse ?

Ans: Bucephalus

What is the name of  Buddha's Horse ?

Ans: Kanthaka

What is the name of Maha Rana Pratap horse ?

Ans: chetak

What is the Chattrapatti Shivaji Maharaj's Horse Name ?

Ans: kalyani

current affairs related objective questions for banking exams and psc exams

paraguay's Newly appointed President ?

Ans: Fedrico Franco

2012 US open golf title winner  ?

Ans: Webb simpson

Current AITA President ?

Ans: Anil Khanna

What is the full form for AITA ?

Ans: All india tennis association

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General Knowledge 2012 : current world leaders and Political parties

Political Party of raja pervez ashraf , newly elected Pakistan Prime minister (2012 JUNE) ?

Ans:  PPP
Political party of François Hollande (Newly elected French President - from 2012 may)  ?

Ans: Socialist Party

Political party of  David Cameron [Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ] ?

Ans: Conservative

Political party of Barack Hussein Obama (USA)?

Ans: Democratic party

Political party of Vladimir Putin (Russia)?

Ans:United Russia party

Political party of Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma (South Africa)?

Ans: African National Congress

Political party of Mahinda Rajapaksa (Srilanka)?

Ans: United People's Freedom Alliance

Political party of Nicolas Sarkozy (previous president of France)?

Ans: Union for a Popular Movement

Political party of  Yoshihiko Noda (Japan) ?

Ans: Democratic party

current affairs bits for PSC And UPSC Exam : 2012 expected Questions

G 20 Summit -2012 will be held on ?

Ans: Mexico (los cabose)

First chinese women to spacce ?

ans: Liu Yang

Only women nobel prize winner in economics , who was recently died ?

Ans: Elinor Ostrom

What is the nationality of Elinor Ostrom?

Ans: America

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current affairs Questions for IBPS PO Exams : Frequently asked Questions

Current IRDA Chairman - J Harinarayan

PFRDA Chaiman -Yogesh Agarwal

Present Comptroller and Auditor General -Vinod Rai

Who is the current chairman of SEBI

Ans: U K Sinha

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Full form of  PFRDA and IRDA

List of chairman

Current Repo Rate

ibps exam related questions and previous questions : NEFT

What is the full form of GSM?

Ans: Global System for Mobile Communications

What is the full form of SIM ?

Ans: Subscriber identity module

What is the full form for PFRDA

Ans: Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority 

What is the full form for IRDA

Ans: Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
What is ALMA,  that was recently in new ?

Ans: World's most powerful astronomical device (chile)

What is the full form for NEFT ?

[IBPS PO EXAM Previous Question]

Ans : National Electronic Funds Transfer
( NEFT  is a nation-wide payment system facilitating one-to-one funds transfer )
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Current affairs Questions for bank and railway exams : French open 2012

French Open 2012 Mixed Doubles Winner ?

Ans: Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhoopathi

French Open 2012 Women's title Winner ?

Ans: Maria sharapova (Runner-up: Sara Errani)

French Open 2012 Men's title Winner ?

Ans:  Rafael Nadal (Runner-up: N. Djokovic)


Rural development Questions for psc exams : Frequently asked questions

A huge number of questions for psc and bank exams are from the field of Rural development .Here is some Questions related to rural development.

 What is the full form of Asha ?

Ans: Accredited social Health Activist

What is the full for PURA

Ans: Providing Urban-amenities in Rural Areas

Who introduced PURA (Providing Urban-amenities in Rural Areas)?

Ans: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ( former Indian president ) 

Ganga kalyan yojana is a rural development program for ?

Ans: providing Subsidy for farmers

Ganga kalyan yojana
  started in which year ?

Ans: 1997

What is the full form for  TRYSEM - a rural development program ?

Ans: Training rural youth for self employment )

IRDP -Integrated Rural development program

Rural development Questions and livelihood mission

Latest Current affairs questions and answers :Aslansha cup 2012

Aslansha cup 2012 winner ?

Ans: New Zealand (2'nd place : Argentina )

Which country won 3rd place in Aslansha cup 2012 ?

Ans: India

Aslansha cup is related to which sport item ?

Ans: Hockey

New capital of Myanmar ?

Ans: Naypyitaw

current affairs bits for all exams : FIDE

Facebook chairman and ceo  ?

Ans: Mark Zuckerberg

Who is the current president of FIDE ?

Ans: Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

What is the full form for FIDE ?

Ans: World Chess Federation (Fédération Internationale des Échecs)

2012 world champions and winners related questions and answers

World chess Champion 2012 ?

Ans: viswanathan anand

2012 IPL Winners ?

Kolkata Knight riders [Runner up - Chennai Super kings ]

2012 world snooker championship winner ?

Ans: Ronnie O'sullivan

US National Humanities Medal 2012 ?

Ans: Amartya Sen

2012 Golden Bear award winning Documentary in Berlin film Festival ?

Ans: Ceasar Must Die

2012 European tour title winner- ?

Ans:Jbe Kruger (South Africa)

 European tour title is related to which sports item?

Ans: golf

2012 Jindal Prize Winner ?

Ans: A P J Abdul Kalam  and Santhosh Hegde

2012 Africa Cup of nations winner ?

Ans: zambia

Questions And Answers Related to Recent News and Current affairs :IEA

World's biggest CO2 Emitter  as per IEA report(2012)?

Ans: china

What is the full form of IEA ?

Ans: International energy agency

Where is the Headquarters of IEA ?

Ans: Paris

Tipaimukh hydel power project is situated at which Indian state ?

Ans: Mani poor

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