Psc expected Questions: Father of the nation

Who is the father of the nation of Tanzania ?

Ans: Julius Nyerere

Father of the nation of  Kenya ?

Ans: Jomo Kenyatta

Father of the nation of zambia ?

Ans: Kenneth David Kaunda

Father of the nation of   Kosovo

Ans: Ibrahim Rugova

Father of the nation of   Pakistan

Ans: Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Father of the nation of   USA

Ans: George Washington

General Knowledge Questions for psc and Upsc exams : Religions

1) God of the Zoroastrian religion ?

Ans: Ahuramazda

2) Sacred book of  Zoroastrian religion?

Ans: Zend Avesta

3) place of worship for Zoroastrianism ?

Ans: fire temple

4) place of worship for Buddhism ?

Ans: Pagoda

5) place of worship for Jews

Ans: synagogue

6) River flows through gaya ?

Ans: Falgu

7) Who is the founder of Taoism ?

Ans: lao tzu

Current affairs important questions for psc exams :TAPI Project

What is the "T" stands in "TAPI" ?

Ans: Turkmenistan

What is TAPI Project ?

Natural gas pipeline Project connecting Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

What is the estimated cost of TAPI Project ?

Ans: $7.6-billion

Name the Taiwan President Who was recently re-elected ?

Ans: Ma Ying-Jeou

Current Affairs for Competitive Exams in India : Padma Vibhushan Awards 2012

2012 Padma Vibhushan Awards winners

Mariode Miranda
( Cartoonist ,Goa )

Bhupen Hazarika
 (Music, Assam)

K G Subhramanyam
(Painting, WestBengal)

T V Rajeshwar
(civil servant Delhi )

Dr. Kentillal Hastimal Sancheti

current affairs 2012 : ceo recently in news

Sail (Steel authority of India LTD) ceo ?

Ans : C. S. Verma

Who is the head of Western Ghat Ecology Expert panel?

Ans: Madav Gadgil

What is the full form for RIC and NPR

RIC- Resident Identity Card

NPR - National Population register

English vocabulary related Questions for psc and upsc exams

Pros and cons - Reason and consideration against a proposition

Vendetta -Blood Feud

snare - trap

Savour- Characteristic taste

atrocity -wicked or cruel nature

undulate -wavy motion

Man-oeuvre- Planned or controlled Movement of vehicle or group

questions related to republic day india : chief guest

Who is the chief guest of 63rd Republic day celebrations 2012 (India ) ?

Ans:Yingluck Shinawatra (Prime Minister of Thailand)

More about previous year Republic day celebrations

In which state Mobile phone services are stopped  in 2012 Republic day celebrations?

Ans: Jam-mu Kashmir

Who was the chief guest in first Republic day celebrations ?

Ans: Sukarno (First Indonesian President)

Easy English- Young one's of animals ( psc old questions )

Young one of bat , hound and hyena?

Ans: Pup

 Young one of crow?

Ans: Chick

Young one of fish?

Ans: Fry

Young one of Chimpanzee ?

Ans: Infant

Young one of kangaroo?

Ans: Joey

Young one of Frog?

Ans: Tadpole

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Republic day related questions for psc exams

 Q) Which day is celebrated as Republic day in Pakistan ?

Ans: 23 March

Pakistan celebrates Republic day to commemorate Lahore Resolution of 1940

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Q ) "Jana Gana Mana" was first sung at ?

Ans: Indian National Congress (Calcutta ) on 27 December 1911

current affairs questions related to Pakistan :current affairs 2012

Tehrik e-Insaf is the political party related to which famous personality ?

Ans: Imran Khan


All Pakistan Muslim League is the political party of _______?

Ans: Parvez mushrraf

Pakistan Peoples Party is the political party related to which country?

Ans: Pakistan

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