current affairs , Gk questions and answers : New elements

What is the full form for IUPC ?

Ans: The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

IUPC Recently added Darmstadtium as 110 th element , named after which city ?

Ans: Darmstadt (Germany )

Other elements added

111th element - Roentgenium - Named after Rontgen

112 th element - Copernicium - Named After Nicolaus Copernicus

What is the nationality of Rontgen?

Ans: Germany

Nationality of
Nicolaus Copernicus ?

Ans: Poland

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry head quarters
situated at ?

Ans: Zurich, Switzerland

Federation Internationale de Football Association Headquarters is

Ans:  Zurich, Switzerland

Where is the international Olympic committee headquarters located at ?

Ans:Lausanne, Switzerland

G K Questions for upsc and compitative exams : Finland

What is the nationality of Linus Tolwards ?

Ans: Finland

Who is known as The Flying Finn ?

Paavo Nurmi

The country known as "The Land of the Thousand Lakes" ?

Ans: Finland (with 187888 lakes)

Who is the The President of the Republic of Finland ?

Ans: Tarja Halonen

current affairs questions for ibps exams :Revolution 2020

Who is the author of "Revolution 2020" ?

Ans: Chetan Bhagath

India's longest rail route  in India that started service recently ?

Ans: Vivek Express ( Dibrugarh to Kannyakumari)

winner of Indira gandhi prize 2011 ?

Ans: Ela Bhatt

Name the organization that led by  Ela Bhatt ?

Ans: SEWA (Self Employed Women association)

Current affairs 2011 : Child rights index

Which Indian state got first place in  Child rights index ?

Ans: Kerala

( second place in Child rights index   :- Karnataka

Last Place in Child rights index   :- Arunachal predesh )

Women Athlete of the year 2011 selected by IAAF

Ans: Sally Pearson

(male Athlete of the year 2011 - Usain Bolt )

World Diabetes day - Nov-14

short forms and acronyms for ibps exams ,bank exams and upsc exams

PSU :- Public Sector Undertaking

APEC :- Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation organization

AFSPA :- Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act

SAARC :- South Asian Association for Regional cooperation

SCUBA :- Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Sachar Committee report is related to _________?

Ans: Status of Muslim Community of India

Ranghnath mishra committee report on  ________?

Ans: Religion and Linguistic Minorities

Rank of india in  2011 Human development index ?

current affairs expected Questions for ibps exams: Territorial army

Indian cricketer who was recently got  lieutenant colonel rank in the territorial army?

Ans:Mahendra singh Dhoni

Indian shooter who was recently got  lieutenant colonel rank in the territorial army?

Ans: Abhinav Bindra

Name the Google's new project to offer website for small and medium business ?

Ans: India get your business online

Sports related current affairs

current affairs for ibps and other competitive exams : 2011 summits

venue for Saarc summit 2011 ?

Ans: maldives

theme for Saarc summit 2011 ?

Ans: Building bridges

where was G-20 Summit 2011 held  at?

Ans: France (can)

Know more about SCO Summit 2011

ibps exam related current affairs: Miss world 2011

Who was crowned as Miss world 2011 ?

Ans: Ivian Sarcos (Miss venezuela)

Venue for Miss world 2011 ?

Ans: Earls Court ,London

First Runner up in  Miss world 2011 ?
 Ans: Gwendoline Ruais (Miss Philippines)

"Beauty with a purpose" is the moto related to miss world

Venue for  Miss world 2012 ?

Ans: Ordos, China

Lanco International series is associated with which sports item?

Ans: Hockey

Which country giving order of friendship prize?


Name the Indian writer who recently honored by order of friendship ?

Ans: D. Jayakantan

Who is the New CM for arunachal predesh ?

Ans: Nabam Tuki

Who is miss INDIA 2011 ?

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current affairs for ibps exams :Human Development Index by UN

India's rank in Human development index published by UN ?

Ans: 134 th

Which country got 1st place in human development index?

Ans: Norway

The country got second place in human development index?

Ans: Australia

Which UN authority publishes Human development report?

Ans: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

general knowledge questions for psc exams : inventions by Humphry Davy

Power loom was invented by ?

Ans: Edmund Cartwright

Safty lamp was invented by ?

Ans: Humphry Davy 

Some other discoveries by Humphry Davy 

sodium ,potassium, magnesium, boron, barium, chlorine

gk for upsc exams: Chinese inventions that made revolution in history

Paper was invented by

Seismograph and Gun powder  created by which country ?

country where Taoism was originated ?

Who invented Compass and Tea

Ans : China

[All the above questions have only one answer ]

Current affairs related to china

In which way Michael Collins book Liftoff related to
Great wall of china ?
      This book was first made a false notion that the Great Wall of China is visible from the Moon.

For More 

What is the name of china's moon mission ?
Ans : Chang'e-2

Long March rocket  is related to which country's space program ?

Ans: china

Questions for ibps exams : world athletic champion ship 2011

Where was the venue for world athletic champion ship 2011 (13th) ?

Ans: Daegu(South korea)

Which country is top medalist in  world athletic champion ship 2011 (13th) ?

Ans: USA

Where is the venue for world athletic champion ship 2012 (14th) ?

Ans: Moscow( Russia)

Who is Uttarakhand CM?

Ans: BC Khanduri

IBPS Expected current affairs Questions : Megha tropique

What is Megha tropique that was recently in news ?

Ans: India french satellite mission

Who is Telangana Rashtra samithi President ?

Ans: K Chandra shekhar rao

Health insurance portability in force from ?

Ans: 1- October -2011

Who are the 2011 nobel prize  winners ?

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current affairs for banking and competitive exams

What is the full form of IUCN ?

Ans: International union for conservation of nature

What is the 12th five year plan gdp target ?

Ans: 9pc

Where was commonwealth summit was held in 2011 ?

Ans:Pearth (Australia)

Who was reelected as commonwealth Secretary general ?

Ans: Kamalesh sharma


ibps oriented current affairs questions

Sunway blue light mpp is a super computer of which country ?

Ans: china

Recently resigned Arunachal predesh CM ?

Ans: Jarbone Gamalin

 New CM for Arunachal predesh

Newly elected Kyrgistan president ?

Ans: Almazbek Atambayev


current affairs bits for ibps exam

India's first Formula one race track ?

Ans: Budha International race track

Wanchuwa festival is associated with which state ?

Ans: Assam

5th ibsa summit was held in ?

Ans: Pretoria

IBSA is the association of  ?

Ans: INDIA, Brazil,South africa

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